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Featured Windsor Chairmaker
Peter Wallace


Peter & Carol Wallace
Peter Wallace reproduces Windsors from the Golden Age of Windsors, 1740-1800. The characteristics that distinguish his pieces are an emphasis on faithful adherence to the stylistic nuances, as well as the construction techniques. His chairs, settees, stools and tables are actual reproductions with documented historic antecedents rather than a reinterpretation of the Windsor style.

Peter is a first generation American-born Scot descended from William Wallace of "Brave Heart" fame. He values scholarship and spends many hours studying original Windsors in museums, collections of premier antique dealers and private collections. He has been given access to Windsors stored in museum archives and has borrowed originals from dealers for study and measurement in his shop.

Peter Wallace Windsor Chair
Peter's path to becoming a chair maker was circuitous. After graduating with a B.A. in English Literature, he returned to his love of building, inspired by his grandfather, who built large wooden sailing ships in Aberdeen, Scotland. For 30 years, Peter designed and built houses, including the one he and wife Carol enjoy in the rural tranquility surrounded by Amish farmland in Kutztown, PA.

Acquiring a love of antiques from his father, who was an avid collector of American pewter as well as English Windsors, Peter had a brief career as an owner of a small antiques shop. His move into chair making from house construction was a natural extension of his love of building and of antiques.

Peter Wallace Windsor Chair

Peter has been a full time, 6 days a week, chair maker for over 11 years. His work was selected for inclusion in the Taunton Press book 'The Custom Furniture Sourcebook; A Guide to 125 Craftsmen.' His pieces have also appeared in Fine Woodworking, Country Decorator and Early American Life, where he was chosen as one of the best 200 craftsmen for their annual directory. Peter's work continues to be chosen by clients affiliated with Colonial Williamsburg, Winterthur Museum, Historic Waterford, and Olde Towne, Philadelphia. These collectors choose his pieces for their historic integrity. Peter is often commissioned to reproduce an early Windsor whose cost or unavailability make it otherwise out of reach to the interested client.
Peter Wallace Windsor bench
Peter Wallace Windsor chair
Peter has a piece in the permanent collection of the White House, and his work was recently chosen by the Garden Advisor of Hampton Court Palace to be reintroduced into English gardens where Windsors first appeared as lawn furniture, long before the American Revolution.

Carol Wallace, also came into chair making indirectly, with a B.A. In Fine Art, and experience as both an art teacher and and interior decorator. Carol researches chair finishes to learn about paint formulas, and wear patterns which allow her to create the appearance of a chair used over the years. It may take Carol more than 8 hours to complete the finishing of a chair. She likes being in her side of the shop with Peter in his as they listen to favorite music, watch hummingbirds at the feeders and glimpse a great blue heron fishing from the pond. Their commute to work is to cross, either by small footbridge or a short hop, a small minnow-filled stream that separates their home from the shop.

In addition to painted pieces of traditional combinations of wood, Peter creates chairs and settees in single premier figured woods such as tiger maple, curly cherry, and walnut, for which there are early examples. He uses single planks for his seats, never glue-ups even in an 8 foot bench.

When asked about the durability of their pieces, The Wallace's quip that four grandchildren regularly "test drive" their chairs. Even through the "sippy-cup" stage, there are no adverse effects. Peter's Windsors are meant to be passed down generation to generation, providing timeless beauty and valued function. Each chair is comfortable, durable and carries the historic heritage with it.

View more of Peter & Carol's work on their website,

Windsor settee seat by Peter Wallace


Peter Wallace Windsor chair
Peter H. Wallace
69 Snyder Rd. ~ Kutztown, PA 19530
Phone/Fax: (610) 683-8224

Windsor settee by Peter Wallace

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