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Featured Windsor Chairmaker
Luke Barnett


Luke Barnett, Windsor chairmaker
Luke Barnett is a woodworker in Adrian, Michigan who specializes in ultra-high quality, traditional American Windsor chairs. Luke has been selling Windsor chairs since 2011, and has been a full time chairmaker since December 2013. Luke's award winning chairs have been featured in internationally published magazines.  The November 2014 Popular Woodworking Magazine features his Continuous Arm Rocker in aged mustard finish and was picked best in the seating category for 2014. Luke has chairs on display for a traveling Smithsonian museum exhibit called “The  Way We Work”. Luke currently works and sells chairs out of his home in Adrian, Michigan. You can follow Luke on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, for updates on current projects, process photos, and tips and tricks for woodworkers and chairmakers
Luke Barnett Windsor chair
Luke Barnett Windsor chair
My process starts with locally sourced raw materials. I choose the very best maple and oak logs, . The logs are hand split, and all parts are riven out to ensure that I get the best quality, straight grained wood. This process is very labor intensive but essential to get the strength and flexibility I need to make light and elegant chairs. Machine made parts are made thicker, and bulkier and tend to be very stiff, making the chair uncomfortable.

When using traditional Windsor technology, you do not rely on glue to hold the chair together. The entire chair is joined as if it were one piece. As if all the chair parts “grew” from the seat. Although glue is not necessary, it is still used as a backup. I use hot hide glue pellets that I mix fresh for each chair.

I mix my own milk paint and use shellac flakes, imported ultra-fresh.  For a top coat I use an oil/varnish blend passed down to me from an Alaskan boat builder .  This finishing process ensures the best possible quality.

Every step of my chairmaking process results in the best quality chair.

Luke Barnett Windsor chair

Luke Barnett Windsor chair

Luke Barnett Windsor chair
Luke Barnett Windsor chair


Luke Barnett Windsor chair turnings

Luke Barnett
Barnett Chairs

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Adrian, MI 49221
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