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During the eighteenth century, New England chairmakers developed such uniquely characteristic designs that modern scholars today can identify a particular chair's maker by looking at the distinctive turnings of the piece. Like those early craftsmen, I draw on a number of elements characteristic of New England Windsor chairs-bold, sharply defined turnings, wide splayed legs, spindles with wide nodes and deeply sculpted seats to create my own interpretation of Windsor style.  The result is a spectacularly beautiful chair-a modern heirloom-strong enough for everyday use. I craft Windsor chairs, rockers & settees in a number of styles using traditional tools and materials.

I have 17 years experience in furnituremaking and have written numerous articles for Taunton Press' Fine Woodworking & Home Furniture. My article "Making a Shaker Workbench" will be published in Taunton's Essentials of Craftsmanship in 2000.

I am licensed to craft reproduction Windsors for the Maine State Museum in Augusta & the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk where they can be seen in the museum gift shops as well as at the Elm Street Barn in Damariscotta.  I welcome visitors to my one-man cabinet shop located behind my house and barn in Bowdoinham, Maine. Please call or drop me a line in advance.


Steven Thomas Bunn
22 Center Street
Bowdoinham, ME 04008
Phone & Fax: (207) 666-5586

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