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Windsor Chair Resources

Resources on traditionally handcrafted Windsors

Philip Etter, Windsor chairmaker Windsor side chairs


"I've read this website from start to finish, it should be a book! Someone has spent a great deal of time for this to be so organized and complete. I use the internet all the time and it is rare to find so much detail in one spot. Thanks to you, whoever you are!!" GCS


"Thank You Windsor Chair Resources and Chair Talk Guys. I just completed my first Windsor. C-Arm finished with milk paint barn red and BLO.  When the idea first came to me to make the chair, I was unsure about it. WCR convinced me to do it. The info here is great...and Chair Talk solved a few problems for me. Not only that, links here, like material and tool sites helped a bunch too. Making the chair is without a doubt the most fulfilling project I've ever done. I find myself looking at the chair and thinking...ya know, it's not perfect...but it sure is beautiful." CRR


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